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American Marketing Association

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University of Houston · C.T. Bauer College of Business

Cat's Back: Aug. 18-Sep. 5

Info Night 1: Sep. 6, 6-8pm

Info Night 2: Sep. 7, 6-8pm

First General Meeting: Sep. 13, 6-8pm

American Marketing Association 

We exist to provide a strong and warm environment to offer valuable recruitment opportunities, insightful exposure, and a strong foundation to step out into the real world of marketing. 


 ​​Current job offers 

  • Houston Rockets Business Analyst
  • FLUENT internship
  • Content Developement Intership
  • College Ambassadors for Bud Light
  • ​Greensheet Media Internship
  • Flippy App Internship
  • Bud Light Ambassador 

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Job opportunities