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Director of Cougar Creative:
The Director of Cougar Creative is responsible for being directly involved in the client work as well as making sure a distribution of knowledge is taking place in CC. It is the director’s responsibility to ensure all client projects are completed on time and according to client specifications.

Junior Executive (Team Leader):
The junior executives will work with their own “teams” consisting of committee leaders (Interns) who will work on one client’s project at a time. The junior executive would also be responsible for updating the Director of Cougar Creative as well as establishing a constant channel of communication with their respective interns with team-based meetings, electronic communication, etc.

Junior Executive (Workshop Lead):
This Junior Executive would be responsible for setting up workshops and directly distributing knowledge to the interns to ensure valuable skills including but not limited to photoshop, excel, coding, marketing, web development are being learned. They also have the ability to lead teams of interns and work with clients.

Cougar Creative Intern:
Responsible for working with other interns on client projects. The intern needs to be able to work in a team effectively as well as update the appropriate Junior Executive. Interns are also responsible for becoming certified in at least 2 of 3 of the following certifications in their respective semester (SEM, SEO, Google Adwords). The specificities of their client work will include, web development, graphic design, market research/analysis, etc.


Cougar Creative is the student-run marketing firm within the American Marketing Association UH. The purpose and vision of this firm is to provide real-world marketing experience to our members through the uses of SEO, Website Design, Social Media, Logo/Graphic Design, Content Creation and all other forms of Marketing. The firm will have professional partnerships with businesses and companies who seek marketing services. 

"We want to do something real. You can only do so much in the confines of a classroom. When an industry is your playground, the rules stretch far beyond 'raise your hand to speak.' Our work is integral, it is not derivative. And while this propels us into the unknown, we fear not. For the unknown is what we crave."